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Darker Days Have Come...

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11th March 2005

8:43pm: Christ.
Jay, why why why have you told me of this site? Derr is crying man, it's pissing him off so much.

I'm bloody fucking furious at those shits. "hetrophobia". And all our efforts to kill phobia. I'm gonna puke. Do this fucks know how much it hurts? Do they?

In other news.....


- Stee
Current Mood: sick

(I am really a pink cat)

19th June 2004

2:17pm: *throws parrrrrty!!*
I just heard from Derr! YAY FOR JAY!!! WELCOME OUT OF THE CLOSET!!!!!
Current Mood: happy

(I am really a pink cat)

5th June 2004

6:16pm: Foot, meet ass.
Boy do I feel like a shit. Jay, I am SO sorry. I fell back into the asshole I was before. You helped me like no other. I love you for that. You got me to admit stuff to myself about myself that no one else ever has. I love you Jay. You rock my fucking world.

... well, Derr rocks my 'fucking' world if you know what I mean.

You just fucking rock.

I love you sweetheart. You are such good peoples.

And I love you too Derr.
Current Mood: complacent

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7th May 2004

8:27pm: Say yay or nay, tell me what you think?
Who wants to agree?Collapse )

Oh and, everything's fine... note to Jay: Derr really wants to talk 2 U. NOW
Current Mood: curious

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6th May 2004

2:11am: ....
Not awake. Tired. Am dying.
Current Mood: drained

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23rd April 2004

9:13pm: Damn!
Derr u suk. I mean it. u suk goats! I h8 u 2day.

O + i feel the desire to sire.


Or help Jay sire. Potatoes Potatoes...

that doesn't werk in words.
Current Mood: irritated

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22nd April 2004

8:05am: Jay Bird, don't cry. You aren't bad people. Smile.
Current Mood: worried

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21st April 2004

8:06am: Muah
Ick. Good-like morning everybody...

Current Mood: sick

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19th April 2004

7:40pm: Stole it!
I stole Derr's desktop! I'm so proud of meself!

Okay, I'm taking the piss. I know. I'm at Derr's place. He's soo stoned, tiz not even funny. He's humping the door. He's totally gone. I thinked i'm a tad buzzed. He smoked a whole one himself... I mean... know... Keith wuz ere earlier and...

Current Mood: high

(I am really a pink cat)

16th April 2004

8:50pm: Wow does this stuff taste good.
Maroon pie Baby!Collapse )

In other news, Derr sucks ass. The sod took my amp and broke it. He swears that he'll fix it, but I know better than to hold my breath.

I'm going to upload this fic stuff Jay and I wrote. We're like each other's plot bunny/muses/challengers/idea box zzzzz. It's uber fun. Jay wrote this Stargate fic with one of their copywrited characters and I wrote a Babylon 5 fic with little use of their characters. Jay's got these really deep charaters. Jay's so great at this.

You still gotta make some Darkness go around here buddy!
Current Mood: thoughtful

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12th April 2004

12:18pm: Wow.
Thank you so much Jay for these gloryful icons that are in my inbox. You are offically my first livejournal pal. Now how the hell do you put these icons in your journal???
Current Mood: irritated

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11th April 2004

3:00pm: Okay okay...
Who ever cussoftherobot is, I was just randomly shot to your livejournal and your picture is a dead ex. It refuses to be seen. So I checked your source and followed it to your geocities site. Very nice picture, watev the F* it is. 'Cuss, Jay, Ford'... Lord what a name. I think I shall comment just to talk to you. And 'friends' you too.
Current Mood: amused

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2:45pm: Hmm... a living journal... do I need to feed it I wonder?
I hope I really don't need to feed this thing. I can't even take care of my fish, Pete, right. He's been floating at the top of his fishtank for a week now. I think I should call a vet.

What's new in my life? This livejournal for one. I really must stop signing up for free things. I have too many useless things about.

Gah... watev
Current Mood: bored

(I am really a pink cat)

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